Our Firm

Trust is the outcome of our journey together.

Everyday we are inspired to use our skills to help you fulfill your potential.

Who We Are

Rely Wealth is an independent advisory firm providing transformational guidance to help you achieve clarity with your personal wealth management needs and goals – and those of future generations.

Untangle the complexity of your finances with our support. We strive to listen and simplify, giving you a clear path forward as your financial goals become financial accomplishments.

Our Name

To rely on someone is to have confidence in them – to know that there will be commitment and continuity – whether times are steady or unsettled. To know without a doubt that you aren’t in this alone. That’s what Rely Wealth is all about – helping you find the clarity you need and valuing the hard work it takes to help you succeed. 

Our Business Principles

At Rely Wealth, we strive to uphold these core principles in our work with our clients and in our company culture.

Clients First Always

We are committed

We listen to our client’s needs and act in accordance with their best interest in mind, always. 

Cutting-Edge Knowledge

We add value

By keeping abreast of industry evolutions and changes in our client’s lives, we offer custom solutions that our clients need.

Team Work

We are better together

Our strength is in our team of employees and partners, working closely with each individual client.


We earn trust

The company we build is a reflection of our character. It takes honest, hard work to build a good name; losing it is easy. 

No Shortcuts

We work hard

We set high goals for ourselves and employ thoughtful processes to achieve our objectives. 

Ready to begin?

Our Investment Philosophy

These are truths we believe in that guide how we approach investing.


The right strategy for each client.

We’re committed to helping our clients stay on course with a strategy that’s right for them and adapt to the current environment.

Markets are efficient, most of the time

Markets are made of people.

Periodically, policy changes or economic shocks create opportunities: a long term horizon allows us to seize these opportunities.

Diversification and efficiency

Global exposure across assets and geographies with low fees.

Higher long-term returns and lower risk through diversification is our objective.

Margin of safety

Without capital preservation there is no investing.

We invest in companies and assets we understand at valuations we can justify. 

Our Team

Daniel Mauser

Founder & Managing Partner

Daniel’s role as a Financial Advisor means he takes a hands-on approach to helping clients achieve their financial goals and guiding the overall direction of the firm. Whether through wealth planning, financial planning, or investment management, his focus is on one-on-one collaboration and connection. 


Prior to starting Rely Wealth, Daniel served as a Financial Advisor at Investment Placement Group and a Financial Consultant with Barclays.


Daniel is a father of three who enjoys swimming, competing in backgammon, and doing stand up comedy in his free time.

Education + Background

  • Bachelors in International Affairs and Economics, George Washington University
  • Masters in Finance, Georgetown University
  • Certificate in Finance and Financial Planning from UCLA
  • Certificate in Finance and Portfolio Management from NYU
  • Series 7, Series 65

Adriana Guss

Client Services Associate

Adriana is a key part of the Rely Wealth team. On a daily basis, she flexes her communication and managerial muscles keeping not only the office functioning at a high level, but ensuring clients are happy. “At Rely Wealth, we aren’t just about building and growing wealth, but caring for our clients and their families as a whole,” she says. And that’s what Adriana does best – tackling all the small details that really matter. 

On a personal note, Adriana maintains a healthy work/life balance by spending time with her daughter, exploring nature, listening to music, and just enjoying life together. 

Education + Background

  • BA in Communications
  • Specializes in Sales, Project and Client Management, Operations Management

Victor Canto

Advisor to the Firm

As an advisor to Rely Wealth, Victor provides insights, perspectives, and knowledge in the field of economics and behavior that is invaluable. As a microeconomist, he pays particular attention to decision making behavior, helping us to guide our clients more effectively and efficiently.

Education + Background

  • Founder of La Jolla Economics Inc, an economics consulting firm
  • Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research at Calport Asset Management
  • President/Director of Research at AB Laffer, VA Canto, and Associates
  • Advisor to governments and tenured Professor at USC in Economics
  • MA and Ph.D. in Economics, University of Chicago
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from MIT
  • Author of numerous books and articles

Rely Wealth is not affiliated with La Jolla Economics Inc. Mr. Canto serves in an advisory role and is not an employee of the firm.

Tru Independence Team

Through our strategic partnership with tru Independence, the following individuals serve in various support capacities for Rely Wealth.

Paul Dalton

Chief Technology Officer

Paul serves as our Chief Technology Officer, providing an information technology infrastructure and support that allows us to serve our clients with excellence. 

Stacy Sizemore

Chief Compliance Officer

As our Chief Compliance Officer, Stacy has over 20 years experience in the financial industry, including more than a decade in compliance. She ensures best practices in the eyes of regulators.

Jason Lawton

Operations Director

Jason serves as an Operations Director for Rely Wealth, assisting our team with client onboarding and operational support, playing a critical role in the back office functioning of the firm.

Our Strategic Partners

Rely Wealth is an independent advisory firm, which means we work for you, our clients, not for a large financial corporation or stakeholders.


The custodian we’ve selected is Pershing, founded in 1939 and a subsidiary of the well respected Bank of New York Mellon. They serve as custodian for financial holdings, FDIC protections, and investment insurance for our clients – you can rest assured your investments are protected with this exceptional partnership. 

Technology & Compliance

The technology and compliance partner we’ve chosen to work with is called tru Independence. They not only offer access to tools for financial planning, research, and communications, but their experts oversee all aspects of our compliance so we can focus our time and energy on serving you, our clients.

Professional Network

We work with a network of attorneys, accountants, and insurance professionals who we trust to serve you well in their respective specialties.



We work with highly motivated individuals and families who want to be financially complete and value clarity.

Daniel Mauser — Founder and Managing Partner